• Grace


    Very unusual looking for a harpy. Her yellow, tan and orange feathers are clean and neat, her hair combed and straight, and generally not a blemish on her. Her expression is reserved, but thoughtful.
  • Haku


    Drow female with near-black skin standing 6 feet tall with a lithe frame. She is dressed elegantly with her dark, purple hair held behind her in a clasp, then cascading down her back to below her waist.
  • Hassar


    Human male with tousled brown hair. He's dressed in a disheveled blue-green tunic with tan pants.
  • James


    Short black hair, medium height, medium build, wearing a plain tunic and pants with leather shoes. His face isn't very expressive, and he remains perpetually stoic.
  • Olive


    Light tan skin, wings, small horns, and a body a little small than a halfling's. Olive has a perpetually friendly looking face, and wears a simple tan tunic and skirt.
  • Rayvylln


    Rayv has dark blue skin and dark green hair, and is wears sky blue robes with a dark blue trim. Rayv wears her hair straight and keeps it neatly behind her shoulders.
  • Septia


    A human woman with medium length blonde hair and blue-green eyes. 5'6", soft and slender.