Jackson's Archeology

Tragedy Strikes With Fire, Frost and Electricity!

A less than clean getaway

Jackson tells the group he’s going to make sure the way back is still clear and meet everyone in front of the temple before heading back to town, and in the meantime the group can loot the temple. The group examines the area, grabs the broken, but still magical, scythe, as well as the robe and pries the gems off the base of the altar on the 1st floor. While they’re doing that, Jik notices a single white flower sitting where the Yuki-onna had died, but the puddle was gone. He pickes up the flower and carefully places it in his pack as the group finishes prying off the gems. They head to the front of the temple, not encountering anything on the way, but when they open the doors in the front of the temple after hearing voices, they find a squad of Legionaraea waiting for them. The captain raises his sword and declares that for violating a historical site they have been sentenced to death, 15 archers aiming at the five of them. Isaac suddenly casts Sanctuary on Cal and tells everyone to run. Never sneaks away, Kodiak bolts with Jik jumping on his back to “catch a ride” (a little more literally than normal), and Calsu bolts with the spell protecting him. As the four all scatter in different directions, Jik looks back in time to see Isaac hit with 15 flaming, shocking, frost arrows. He dies instantly. The rest are able to escape with speed, stealth, or cunning, and meet up at the place Jackson had picked to meet in case things went south. The rule was to wait three days, then assume anyone not there was dead and move on. Isaac and Jackson never showed up, but only Isaac’s fate is known. After making a few transactions in town, the group heads north, hiding in a caravan. With a reaction that strong from the Legionaraea, it’s not safe in Legion Proper anymore, so everyone agrees on heading to the frozen north, though no one really remembers who suggested it first. On the way, Jackson’s contact in the caravan (after hearing the story) tells the group to head to the Squeaky Pixie if they want to find some more “similarly interesting” people to replace their losses with.


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