Jackson's Archeology

Reapers Need (Bear) Hugs Too!

Into The Darkness Of The Dead God's Temple

There’s a short discussion about whether to rest or keep going after killing the Yuki-Onna, since Isaac and Cal are basically out of spells, but the group decides to keep going, Isaac casting a spell on Never that takes half of Never’s damage and deals it to Isaac instead. The group then ventures down the stairwell behind the altar that Never found while sneaking around before combat started. They find a huge room under the temple, maybe 100ft by 100ft, and as they walk through it they see a corpse in a robe upon a throne, a scythe leaning against it. As they come closer they’re hit with a fear aura and the corpse grasps the scythe, sits up and says “You have made a terrible mistake coming here. Luckily it will be the last mistake you make.” He flies at Never, missing on his attack, but flies past him, causing everyone to suffer the effects of his negative energy aura (even Jackson). Kodiak rushes in, eagerly attacking the first corporeal enemy he has encountered in the temple, and hits with both claws, initiating a grapple. The rest of the combat is downhill for the skeletal creature, as Kodiak tears him up with his claws and teeth, and he can’t do anything in return as his scythe is too cumbersome to use while grappled. Kodiak, Never and Cal take him out, though his robe catches on fire when Cal hits him with a fire attack, singing Kodiak a bit. They stomp the fire out and, after finishing off the creature, Jackson examines the magical scythe for a moment before snapping it over his knee, pulling the dagger out from a hidden cavity in the shaft.


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