Jackson's Archeology

A Cold Chill Up Your Spine!

Things get chilly just as they're heating up

There, at the other end of the temple, stands a pale and beautiful, yet sad, woman wearing an elegant robe in front of a 30ft tall altar of Myrkul. Jik walks over to her to ask what she’s doing here/hit on her and she turns around, her ice blue eyes turning solid black and a blizzard whirling to life, filling the entire room. She tells the group that intruders should leave the temple, and that this is a place for worshipers only. Jik tries to lie to her and tell her they’re only here to research, but she hits him with a gaze attack, her eyes becoming normal again, but looking so sad and beautiful, causing him to become fascinated by her gaze, then hits the rest of the group with a Cone of Cold. Everyone manages to survive except for Isaac, so Cal drags him back to the safety of the staircase where Jackson is hanging out, and Jackson force feeds him a cure serious wounds potion. Never sneaks around her, Kodiak runs up to her to attack, but discovers that, like the wraith, she is incorporeal, so his attacks are futile. Kodiak tactically retreats while Never attacks with his magical weapon, dealing half damage to her. Isaac throws heals while Kodia maneuvers around a pile of rubble to get to Jik and rouse him from his trance. Cal throws fire spells at her, discovering that she’s weak to them, while Never continues to attack. She causes Never to become panicked with a spell, fascinates Jik another time or two, and hits Never and Kodiak again with another Cone of Cold, but everyone remains standing thanks to Isaac’s channeling, which hurts her as well as healing the group. She never hits Jik, not once, but hit everyone else (except for Jackson of course, but that’s because he stayed behind cover the whole time). Upon defeat she turns into a pile of snow, looking similar to a funeral mound before melting into a mere puddle.


jsknotts jsknotts

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