Jackson's Archeology

A big break!

Jackson comes to the group with the next gig

Jackson brings another job to the group: a magical dagger inside a temple of a dead god. The group heads out, enjoying the local flora on the way. The temple is guarded by two crypt things, which teleport everyone but Jik and Cal away from the temple, but thankfully they’re able to handle things by themselves. The group checks the 3 doors for traps and finds a dart trap at each one. They disarm the far left one and go inside. Inside is an entry room with a 50ft ceiling that leads to 5 hallways and 4 staircases, each with only 10ft ceilings, and above the entrance to these is inscribed in huge letters “Which path will you walk? Choose wisely”. The group decides to go up one of the steep staircases after Jik drops an arrow in that direction, encounters a few more traps and a wraith, all dealt with in turn, Jik makes another direction choice with a coin flip, and eventually the group ends up on the other end of the temple.


jsknotts jsknotts

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