Jackson's Archeology

A Nixie, A Pixie, And A.. Drow?
The party fills it's ranks in an interesting place

The group arrives at the hamlet containing The Squeaky Pixie and, after procuring a room, heads to the tavern, Kodiak staying outside to cover the exit. As they walk in they see an odd managerie of patrons. The creatures better known for being killed by adventurers far outnumber the humans, and they don’t see anything else really, save one half-elf waitress, who stumbles and drops the tray she was carrying with a loud clatter. The gargoyle bartender yells at her to be more careful, and she cowers as she apologizes repeatedly, clutching a necklace with one hand as she cleans up the mess with the other.

Jik starts off the recruitment drive by going over to the table of a nixie by the name of Rayvylln. He finds out that she is an Oracle, just what the party needs, and does his best to recruit her, but is unsuccessful, so he brings her over to the group’s table for the others to help convince her. She hears enough to decide to give them a chance, and the party splits up to cover more ground.

Jik takes initiative again and goes over to the table of a human man named Hassar and, after a short conversation and finding some sort of interest in the group’s tengu, he agrees to join with the group. Jik then proceeds to hit on the half-elf waitress, failing miserably, then hits on the human watress, getting shot down. He returns to the inn to sulk and retain what remaining dignity he has.

Cal heads over to a group of three people sitting at a table: a female dust mephit, a female human, and a male human, specifically interested in the mephit. He tells them about the party, asking if they’d be interested in tagging along, to which the dust mephit, Olive, eagerly agrees to, but the female human, Septia, seems more interested in him. The human man, James, agrees to join, and Cal quickly leaves the tavern with Septia to find a room for the two of them to enjoy.

Never spies a harpy in the tavern and, after noting that she seems much more collected than your average harpy, goes over to chat with her. He buys her a few drinks and explains the proposition, to which she accepts after being talked into it. He then buys her a few more drinks and gives her another proposition. Grace (the harpy) and Never then leave to find a room of their own.

When they see each other in the dining area of the tavern, Never and Cal decide to return to the bar later that night to look for more recruits. They bring Rayv along as well, though she informs them that she only wants to tag along to monitor the two of them, not to help. While the bar is mostly empty, the two are surprised by what they DO find. A female drow sits at the bar on the end closest to the door, elegantly dressed, while a wraith “sits” at the other end, a beverage with white vapors rising from it sitting in front of.. it. A lanky wolf with redish-brown fur sits upon one of the stools, it’s head resting on the bar. Over at the tables, a man seemingly made of shadows turns a dagger around in his hand and a pretty woman who was there earlier sits at the same far table. The bartender is another mephit, but with light blue skin, and the waitress appears to be a sea hag.

Never avoids the drow and walks over to the wolf, intending to pet it, but is surprised when it speaks to him. As he talks with the wolf, Cal approaches the drow to speak with her, curious as to what a drow is doing on the surface, especially one who doesn’t fit the typical description of a follower of Eilistraee. Cal enjoys a few drinks with the drow woman, who goes by the name Haku, while chatting with her, and eventually wears her down and gets her to agree to join the group. He the wears her down and convinces her to return to the inn with him, but finds that there are no more rooms available (the party alone already taking up three of them). He decides to attempt a trick only a man like his father could pull off, and goes to the room that Septia is in. He then manages, against all odds, to convince Septia and Haku that three is not a crowd, and more is indeed merrier. He also fails to get either of their names until the following morning.

So by the unspoken, unofficial contest between the three, the new official unofficial leader of the party (given Jackson’s absence) is Calsu, having preformed much more talented at the competition of.. “skill”.

Kodiak remains mostly ignorant, possibly blissfully so.

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Tragedy Strikes With Fire, Frost and Electricity!
A less than clean getaway

Jackson tells the group he’s going to make sure the way back is still clear and meet everyone in front of the temple before heading back to town, and in the meantime the group can loot the temple. The group examines the area, grabs the broken, but still magical, scythe, as well as the robe and pries the gems off the base of the altar on the 1st floor. While they’re doing that, Jik notices a single white flower sitting where the Yuki-onna had died, but the puddle was gone. He pickes up the flower and carefully places it in his pack as the group finishes prying off the gems. They head to the front of the temple, not encountering anything on the way, but when they open the doors in the front of the temple after hearing voices, they find a squad of Legionaraea waiting for them. The captain raises his sword and declares that for violating a historical site they have been sentenced to death, 15 archers aiming at the five of them. Isaac suddenly casts Sanctuary on Cal and tells everyone to run. Never sneaks away, Kodiak bolts with Jik jumping on his back to “catch a ride” (a little more literally than normal), and Calsu bolts with the spell protecting him. As the four all scatter in different directions, Jik looks back in time to see Isaac hit with 15 flaming, shocking, frost arrows. He dies instantly. The rest are able to escape with speed, stealth, or cunning, and meet up at the place Jackson had picked to meet in case things went south. The rule was to wait three days, then assume anyone not there was dead and move on. Isaac and Jackson never showed up, but only Isaac’s fate is known. After making a few transactions in town, the group heads north, hiding in a caravan. With a reaction that strong from the Legionaraea, it’s not safe in Legion Proper anymore, so everyone agrees on heading to the frozen north, though no one really remembers who suggested it first. On the way, Jackson’s contact in the caravan (after hearing the story) tells the group to head to the Squeaky Pixie if they want to find some more “similarly interesting” people to replace their losses with.

Reapers Need (Bear) Hugs Too!
Into The Darkness Of The Dead God's Temple

There’s a short discussion about whether to rest or keep going after killing the Yuki-Onna, since Isaac and Cal are basically out of spells, but the group decides to keep going, Isaac casting a spell on Never that takes half of Never’s damage and deals it to Isaac instead. The group then ventures down the stairwell behind the altar that Never found while sneaking around before combat started. They find a huge room under the temple, maybe 100ft by 100ft, and as they walk through it they see a corpse in a robe upon a throne, a scythe leaning against it. As they come closer they’re hit with a fear aura and the corpse grasps the scythe, sits up and says “You have made a terrible mistake coming here. Luckily it will be the last mistake you make.” He flies at Never, missing on his attack, but flies past him, causing everyone to suffer the effects of his negative energy aura (even Jackson). Kodiak rushes in, eagerly attacking the first corporeal enemy he has encountered in the temple, and hits with both claws, initiating a grapple. The rest of the combat is downhill for the skeletal creature, as Kodiak tears him up with his claws and teeth, and he can’t do anything in return as his scythe is too cumbersome to use while grappled. Kodiak, Never and Cal take him out, though his robe catches on fire when Cal hits him with a fire attack, singing Kodiak a bit. They stomp the fire out and, after finishing off the creature, Jackson examines the magical scythe for a moment before snapping it over his knee, pulling the dagger out from a hidden cavity in the shaft.

A Cold Chill Up Your Spine!
Things get chilly just as they're heating up

There, at the other end of the temple, stands a pale and beautiful, yet sad, woman wearing an elegant robe in front of a 30ft tall altar of Myrkul. Jik walks over to her to ask what she’s doing here/hit on her and she turns around, her ice blue eyes turning solid black and a blizzard whirling to life, filling the entire room. She tells the group that intruders should leave the temple, and that this is a place for worshipers only. Jik tries to lie to her and tell her they’re only here to research, but she hits him with a gaze attack, her eyes becoming normal again, but looking so sad and beautiful, causing him to become fascinated by her gaze, then hits the rest of the group with a Cone of Cold. Everyone manages to survive except for Isaac, so Cal drags him back to the safety of the staircase where Jackson is hanging out, and Jackson force feeds him a cure serious wounds potion. Never sneaks around her, Kodiak runs up to her to attack, but discovers that, like the wraith, she is incorporeal, so his attacks are futile. Kodiak tactically retreats while Never attacks with his magical weapon, dealing half damage to her. Isaac throws heals while Kodia maneuvers around a pile of rubble to get to Jik and rouse him from his trance. Cal throws fire spells at her, discovering that she’s weak to them, while Never continues to attack. She causes Never to become panicked with a spell, fascinates Jik another time or two, and hits Never and Kodiak again with another Cone of Cold, but everyone remains standing thanks to Isaac’s channeling, which hurts her as well as healing the group. She never hits Jik, not once, but hit everyone else (except for Jackson of course, but that’s because he stayed behind cover the whole time). Upon defeat she turns into a pile of snow, looking similar to a funeral mound before melting into a mere puddle.

A big break!
Jackson comes to the group with the next gig

Jackson brings another job to the group: a magical dagger inside a temple of a dead god. The group heads out, enjoying the local flora on the way. The temple is guarded by two crypt things, which teleport everyone but Jik and Cal away from the temple, but thankfully they’re able to handle things by themselves. The group checks the 3 doors for traps and finds a dart trap at each one. They disarm the far left one and go inside. Inside is an entry room with a 50ft ceiling that leads to 5 hallways and 4 staircases, each with only 10ft ceilings, and above the entrance to these is inscribed in huge letters “Which path will you walk? Choose wisely”. The group decides to go up one of the steep staircases after Jik drops an arrow in that direction, encounters a few more traps and a wraith, all dealt with in turn, Jik makes another direction choice with a coin flip, and eventually the group ends up on the other end of the temple.


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